+ change theme or layout

_what is a theme?

A newrow_ theme defines the position of files, webcams and auxiliary feeds on the stage. When you add different elements to the stage, the webcams and content are positioned and sized according to predefined layouts. Theses layouts make up a theme.

Themes also define the look of your live class or meeting. newrow_ provides you a few themes with different colors. 

Our professional services department can create custom themes that reflect your branding and specifications. To learn more about custom theme options please contact your sales representative or our sales department at sales@newrow.com or 212-354-5888 Option 1 (M-F, 9-5 EST).

_change theme

Only moderators can change the theme.

To change the theme, access the control room by clicking  then select . Click  to see the theme options. 

Click one of the themes to select it .

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