+ preview & control webcam participants in the control room

The Control Room provides moderators a place to preview participant webcam feeds before making them . Here moderators can control the streaming video and audio components of individual webcam feeds. 

To add a webcam participant to the Control Room the participant must first activate their webcam/microphone.

Access the Control Room by clicking  then selecting .

The Control Room is only available to moderators and webcam moderators.

Control webcam participants from  in the Control Room.


To change publish settings or preview a webcam participant, go to the participant list and click  corresponding with a webcam participant you want to preview.

_preview webcam participant

Clicking  adds the webcam participant to the video tab of the control room.

A webcam participant in the Control Room will look something like this 

Now that we've confirmed the webcam participant's webcam is working we can place our cursor over their feed and click  to set them 

_set webcam participants title

Change the name that displays on participant webcams by entering text in the text lines . Once you have done so click 

_change stream quality

Webcam streams are predefined to stream at specific frame rates, bit rates and publish resolutions. These settings can be overridden to set higher or lower quality streams depending on your needs.

Check the checkbox next to Override Properties

  to enable you to change the stream properties .

Setting a higher FPS, BW and Publish Resolution requires more bandwidth. Increasing these values for users that have low bandwidth can create a poor experience.

  • FPS: Frames per second. Increasing the FPS makes smoother playback of the stream.
  • BW (kbps): Increasing the bandwidth dedicated to a webcam stream increases the quality of the stream.
  • Publish resolution: Publish resolution enables you to change the resolution of the webcam stream. There are option for low resolution (which assists in low bandwidth situations) or high resolution such as HD.

Once the properties are changed click .



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