+ newrow_ meeting room - menus & features

The top menus provide access to key features, including Screen Share, Record, Whiteboard and a list of customizable embeds. A meeting host can customize every aspect of the meeting, from participant rights to creating a banner for a scheduled event.

The Stage is the synchronous environment of a meeting. Meeting participants, who have the right (the host, a moderator or those granted the explicit right), can display content. Video conferencing takes place on the Stage.

The top left camera icon is where participants click to activate video webcams. Once activated, they can tweak their own audio or video input devices (microphones and cameras) from here. A host or moderator can access the Control Room, formerly the "Green Room," a behind-the-scenes moderator environment to prepare speakers.

Right side features includes the chat and a list of meeting participants.

Playlist, at the bottom, is a list of content to share on the meeting room stage, once a host, moderator or participant with the explicit right clicks on an item in the Playlist.

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