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A meeting host, moderator or participant given explicit permission can run Screen Share.

Screen Share enables sharing of a meeting participant's entire desktop screen or just a small portion, depending on which option the participant selects, with every other participant by streaming that person's screen onto the Stage, enabling her/him to display websites, applications or files too cumbersome to upload to into the account.

To start Screen Share, select it from the tools icon at the top. Starting Screen Share for the first time on a machine requires a quick download and installation of a small application. If Screen Share has already run on a particular machine, it will start promptly with no installation required (unless there is an update).

Select the Screen Share option at the right dropdown, such as Desktop or Region (or go with the default) and then click on Start Sharing to initiate.

Tip: Since showing what you are sharing on the same machine would be an infinite image regress, the Screen Share area is a black rectangle on the machine doing the sharing. To see what you are sharing with others, you might want to have an extra computer nearby in the same meeting room.


Tip: At this time, the PC version of Screen Share runs slightly faster than the Macintosh version.

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