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If you are interested in attaching a phone bridge option to your newrow_ account, providing meeting participants the means to hear and speak within a meeting over their phones, please contact your sales representative or: 212-354-5888, option 1 or  sales@newrow.com.

If you have a Voice Bridge connected to your newrow_ account, you can find the phone number and login information from Meeting Info, under Settings, the gears icon at the top.

Please note the following:

  • Hosts can connect one newrow_ meeting to the Voice Bridge at a time.
  • The Voice Bridge connects participants via phone to a newrow_ meeting, after the host initializes the bridge.  

To start, click the phone icon at the upper right corner of the meeting’s menu bar to initialize the bridge. Then accept the default 1 hour or select the 30 Minutes, 2 Hours, or 4 Hours radio button from the pop-up.  Then click on Continue.

Voice Bridge participants will show up with their corresponding phone numbers. Voice Bridge participants can hear the meeting but not be heard by other meeting participants until they are placed onstage.

Tip: Mute the microphone of any webcam participant who has also dialed into the Voice Bridge to prevent feedback.


Assigning an avatar to a Voice Bridge participant

1. Place the Voice Bridge participant in the Control Room or onstage.

2. Open the Control Room from the tools icon.

3. Click on the Bridge tab.

4. Click on the Change Avatar Image button at the bottom.

5. From the Select an Avatar Image popup, you can choose pictures populated from items already in your meeting’s Content section.


6. You can also click on the Browse button to bring up image files from your hard drive.

7. The image you have selected is added to your list of images in the Select an Avatar Image pop-up. You can click on the image you want as the Avatar. The image then loads as the Avatar for the phone bridge.

You can also replace the phone number with a name. Just delete the number listed in the Control Room and type the name in one of the boxes. Then click on Apply Text.

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