+ locating your meeting recording

After starting and then stopping the record feature, your recording will process. Processing time is dependent on the length of your recording - a lengthier recording time will take more time to process than a shorter recording time.

Your recording is saved on our secure servers and, after processing, is accessible to you three different account locations.

Within an open meeting your recording is listed in your content section (the icon that looks like a sheet of paper with the top folded corner) located at the top bar. It can be identified by the time recorded and by the name of the show that was recorded.

You can also locate your recording after you login to your account and click on the Content or Video Editor links, or if you click on Back if you are in a meeting room.

Recordings will give you an option to trim your recording and download it as an .avi or .mov to your hard drive. Once downloaded you can distribute your recording as you like.

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