+ annotate files

Hover your cursor over a displayed file and click  to display the annotations layer. 

Annotations contain a variety of annotative tools.  This section explains what each tool is and how to use it. 

  • Click & drag  to move the toolbar within the content frame.
  •  Hide the annotations toolbar.
  •  Laser pointer.
  •  Free draw menu. Highlighter & Pencil.
  •  Shapes: Circle, triangle, rectangle, line, arrow, double arrow
  •  Text box and font size.
  •  Thickness & fill.
  •  Color
  •  Draggable eraser and delete all.


_laser pointer

Only one participant can use the laser pointer at a time. When one participant selects the laser pointer tool, the tool is disabled for everyone else. Select  and hover the laser pointer cursor over the area of the slide you wish to draw focus to.

*Think of the laser pointer as a real laser pointer.  After selecting the tool, your cursor becomes the laser – no need to click!

_enter text

Create a text box and enter your text. 

  1. Select 
  2. Choose a font size
  3. Click & drag on the stage to create a text box
  4. Click in the text box and enter text
  5. When done, click outside of the text box.

*You can format the text before or after you enter your text. After you click away from the text box you cannot commit anymore changes.

_highlight or write with pencil

The highlighter tool works as a highlighter in real life.  The color has opacity and angles similar to a real highlighter.

  1. Select  or  from .
  2. Click & drag the highlighter or pencil cursor over the area you wish to highlight or write on.

*You must first change the thickness or color of this tool before using it. You cannot change the annotations you make after drawing them.

_draw shapes

Draw a variety of shapes.

  1. Select one of the available shapes . The selected shape displays in the toolbar.
  2. Click & drag to draw the selected shape.

*You can format the text before or after you draw the shape. After you click away from the shape you cannot commit anymore changes.

Choose a color for the shapes before or immediately after drawing an annotative mark. Select the color box and click on the color from . Adjust the line thickness and fill for the annotative marks by clicking  then choose one of the options .


Hover your cursor over  at the bottom of the stage to reveal the player controls. Click  to close the annotations.


You can delete all annotations on a particular slide with a press of a button or you can utilize a draggable eraser. Shapes and text boxes are automatically selected after drawing them. You can select the delete key on your keyboard to delete a shape when selected. Utilize the draggable eraser by clicking  then clicking and dragging the eraser on the annotations you want to delete. To clear all annotations on a slide, click  then . From the delete confirmation pop-up, click .

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