+ play presentations, PDF's and multi-page files

If a file has multiple pages, then you can use the player controls to navigate the file. Changing slides, changes the slides for all participants.

Keyboard & Mouse Controls:

  • Click the stage to advance to the next slide.
  • Use the keyboard right arrow key to advance to the next slide or the left arrow key to go back to the previous slide.

_player controls

Hover your cursor over the stage to display the player controls.

  • Click  to access the slide previewer. Select a slide thumbnail to view the slide. Hover your cursor over  or  to navigate through the slide previewer.
  • Click  to advance to the next slide
  • Click  to view the previous slide
  • Click  to jump to the last slide
  • Click  to jump to the first slide
  • Select  and enter a number to jump to the slide of that number.
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