+ control webcams in participant list

After a participant has activated their webcam/microphone, moderators are able to place the participant on the stage, in the control room and control their input devices using the participant list controls .

  •  participant is not on the stage.
  •  participant is broadcasting on the stage.
  •  participant is not in the control room.
  •  participant is in the control room.
  •  participant is  with their webcam streaming.
  •  participant is  with their microphone streaming audio.
  •  participant is  with their microphone streaming audio.


Click  to place a webcam participant on the stage and click  to take them off air.


To place a webcam participant in the control room, click  and click  to remove them from the control room.


When a webcam participant is  or in  you can control their webcam/microphone. Click  to disable their webcam. When a webcam is disabled , their avatar shows in place of their live stream. They are still sharing audio. To mute a webcam participant's microphone click  and un-mute their microphone by clicking . You can control their microphone volume by clicking & dragging  the volume indicator to the right to increase their volume or to the left to decrease their volume.


You can also drag & drop a webcam participant's avatar to the stage to set them as  or into the control room to set them as .

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