+ utilize integrated audio bridge

The audio bridge is a premium feature. Once connected, users are able to dial into your meeting using a standard telephone. They then hear all meeting audio and can be added to the stage like a webcam participant to broadcast their audio.

To get an audio bridge for your account, please contact your sales representative or our sales department at sales@newrow.com or 212-354-5888 Option 1 (M-F, 9-5 EST). 

_connect audio bridge to your meeting

Once you have an audio bridge you must connect the audio bridge to one of your rooms similar to how you use recording. You need to activate the audio bridge in your meeting before using it. Click  then select . Choose the time you want your audio bridge connected to your meeting then click .

Your audio bridge may take a few moments to initialize. Once connected, you will see the audio bridge pop-up that shows you a list of local phone numbers ordered by country, conference ID and the conference code. You can close this pop-up and re-open it by clicking . Your participants will also be able to see the audio bridge information. Along with the conference ID and code, users can select a local number from over 40 international numbers from .

_disconnect audio bridge

The audio bridge disconnects automatically after the preset time expires. To disconnect the audio bridge manually, click  then . Disconnecting the audio bridge will eject all audio participants from your meeting.

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