+ record your live class, meeting or event

Record everything that takes place on the stage  - streamed webcams/microphones, layers and shared content - in a synched audio/video recording. You can then publish the recording for on-demand viewing to breathe second life into your online event or enable absent meeting participants to catch up.

_start recording

To record click  and select . Choose the duration of the recording.

You are able to extend the recording time if the recording is about to expire and you have not completed the session.

Select a recording quality. Click . A recording timer will display in the upper bar of the meeting when recording is taking place and participants are notified that the meeting is being recorded.

_stop recording

To stop recording manually, hover your cursor over the recording timer and click . Selecting stop initiates a confirmation pop-up, click  to stop the recording.

Processing time for your recording varies according to the quality settings and time of the recording. Long recording may take a few minutes to process.

The recording is automatically added to your files after processing takes place.

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