+ embed newrow_ in a Facebook page

To Embed newrow_ in a Facebook page you need to first create that page, if you haven't already. Once you login to your Facebook account, click on the dropdown arrow at the top right, right of the globe and right of the lock icon. Then click on Create Page. Facebook will walk you through a wizard where you can give it a name and select a category.

Once you have created a page, you need to load the HTML application. To do that, type "Static Iframe Tab" in your Facebook search bar. Then click on the matching icon. On the following page, click on 'Install Page Tab'. It will let you select which page to add it to. 

Go to your new page by clicking on the dropdown arrow at the top right and clicking on the page name listed under "Use Facebook as:" As you scroll down your new page, you should see the icon (or icons) for all your installed applications. Click on the Static Iframe Tab application. On the following page, click on "Configure Page Tab." Then click ok to the pop-up(s).

Note: You should be able to scroll down your page and click on the application tab to edit your page's HTML. You may have to click on "Configure Page Tab" if you toggled out of the application and you haven't yet saved anything. You can also access your tabs, at the top of your page, beneath the page title, and you can reorder tabs by selecting Manage Tabs, under More.

Make sure when you have clicked on the Static Iframe Tab application, you have selected HTML, bottom right, so you can paste HTML code here.

Then, from the newrow_ side, please follow the steps below:

1.  After logging into your newrow_ account, click to open the meeting you wish to embed from the meetings list, or you can start a new meeting, by clicking on Create Room at the left side.

2.  Once the meeting loads, select Settings, the sprocket icon, at the top left.

3.  A Meeting Settings pop-up window displays tabs from top to bottom -- select the Embed tab (second from the bottom). This tab displays all the embed options. We recommend picking the vertical embed, the last choice when you click on the embed option arrows if you move the choices all the way to the right. 

4.  Click Copy, to copy the code to your clipboard and paste within the Static Iframe Tab on your Facebook page.

5.   After you have pasted the code, we recommend you use center tags to position the meeting in the middle. You can use <center> in front of the code you have pasted and </center> at the end.


Example Code:

<center><IFRAME FRAMEBORDER='0' SCROLLING='NO' MARGINWIDTH='0' MARGIN-HEIGHT='0' allowfullscreen WIDTH='640' HEIGHT='680' src='//apps.newrow.com/meetingClient/iframe.php?id=[abc-123]&scale=false&layout=12'>Browser does not support iframes!</IFRAME></center>


Finally click on Save Settings.

At the upper left, you can click on View Facebook Tab to see the embed.

Once you have saved the settings, with the embed, when you click on the Static Iframe Tab application on your page, you will see the tab with your embedded meeting. To edit that code, you need to click on Settings at the upper right of your meeting embed.

If you log out of your Facebook account, or for someone who is not the page owner or an administrator, you will not see the Settings link at the upper right of your meeting embed.

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