+ control room - muting or turning off a participant's microphone

If you wish to mute, turn off, or disable a participants audio-input device (microphone) after you have activated it, you must first be a host or moderator. (If you are not, see below.)

If you are a host or moderator and a video stream is either on the Stage or in the Control Room, you can mute the sound by un-checking the box under the gain level (next to the microphone icon) that corresponds to the video stream within the Control Room. To un-mute the video stream, simply check the box. 

You can also mute a feed that's onstage by clicking on the gear icon at the video feed's upper right, where you can raise or lower the volume or click on the microphone icon itself to draw a red slash across and mute the participant.

All participants, even if they are not a host or moderator, can mute their own microphone, or camera, by clicking on the camera icon at the upper left and moving the corresponding webcam or microphone slider in the upper right from On to Off.

A Host can designate as many Participants into Moderators as he/she chooses. 

To create a moderator the host must click on a participant's dropdown arrow at the right. Then click on the Moderator radio button. A host can also assign Custom rights to a participant by clicking on the Custom radio button and then checking the boxes for the rights she/he wishes to provide.

Clicking on the Default radio button assigns no special rights except being able to chat. Participants set as Default can activate their webams, but only the host or moderators can place them onstage.

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