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Regular Chat enables a public discussion to take place during a meeting. All discussions that take place within Chat are, by default, viewable to every participant.

Only the host and moderators can initiate Private Chat. By hovering your cursor over a video feed onstage or in the Control Room (Video tab), a number of icons appear on the video feed's window. Select the Chat Bubble at the upper left side of the participant's window. This will initiate a private two-way discussion that is not seen by any other participant within the meeting.

If you wish, you can also limit those participants that can enter text within Chat within Settings. Select Settings from the top menu, then Meeting Settings. Select Chat Permissions and switch the radio button from All Participants to Moderator Only. Doing so will prevent all meeting Participants who are neither Moderators or the Host to type in or see Chat.

The meeting host and moderators will always be able to collaborate within the Chat.

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