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Webcam and Microphone Blocked By Browser

When trying to activate your devices in a newrow_ smart room, you might see a "devices unavailable" popup.

This means that the browser is blocking access to your devices. 

You must allow Newrow Smart to access your devices in order to broadcast your webcam/mic.

To allow newrow_ to access your webcam or microphone...

Via Chrome

  1. In the address bar on the right, you will see a camera icon with a red x. Click the camera icon to display device permissions.
  2. Select the circle corresponding to Always Allow
  3. Click the Done button
  4. Refresh your window

Via Firefox

  1. In the address bar on the left, you will see camera & microphone icons with a slash through them. Click the camera & mic icons  
  2. Click the x's corresponding to: Use the Microphone Blocked Temporarily and Use the Camera Blocked Temporarily
  3. Click the Webcam and Microphone buttons in the live session to activate your devices
  4. Click Allow in the Firefox permission pop-up