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Stop Audio Feedback, Echo, Disruptions

We do a lot to automatically eliminate audio feedback and echoes with echo cancellation. This article reviews some troubleshooting tips for you to use in the event that you experience such issues.

If you are experiencing issues with the quality of your live session audio, then there are a few steps you can take to help improve the audio quality of your live session.

This article reviews different steps you can take within the Newrow Smart platform as well as in your setup to improve your live session audio quality.

Within Newrow Smart

As the session moderator, you have a few tools at your disposal to identify and eliminate audio disruptions.

Identify The Source

Before taking action, it's a good idea to see who may be causing the problem.

There is a speaking indicator shown as a green dot displayed on the bottom right corner of each participant broadcasting in the live session.


When you see this green dot pulse, that means that there is audio being transmitted from that participant.

If that person is not speaking, then that can mean there is some background noise or feedback coming from that user.

The quickest way to address the issue is to simply mute the participant then un-mute them when they need to speak. You can also ask the person to mute themselves, try wearing headphones or move to a quieter location.

It is important to address inadvertent audio as it can cause your audio stream to be interrupted and to break-up.

Mute Noisy Participants

When you have identified the source of the audio issue, you don't have to remove the participant from the stage. You can simply mute them.

  1. Hover your cursor over their webcam feed
  2. Click the Microphone icon

-- or --

  1. Go to the Participant List
  2. Find the user you want to mute
  3. Click the Microphone icon

Muted participants show with a red microphone w/slash icon on their webcam feed on stage and microphone icon w/slash on the participant list.


Mute Everyone

When you have a lot of people on stage, it might be a little too much to try and find who is making unwanted noise. I suggest using Mute All.

Mute All mutes everyone in your live session and sets the default state for any new participants as muted. This is super helpful when managing a live session with many webcam participants.

When Mute All is set, you can selectively un-mute those that you want to speak.

  1. Go to the Participant List
  2. Click the Mute All button

When pressed the button becomes red and all participants are muted.

To un-mute participants, simply hover your cursor over their webcam feed and click the Microphone icon.

mute all

Adjust Your Setup

Your individual setup can help optimize the audio in your live session.

Try Using Headphones

Newrow Smart's echo cancellation allows you to run high quality sessions without requiring headphones.

There are certain conditions such as internal speaker placement in your device or network issues that may cause the Newrow Smart echo cancellation not to work.

A tried and true method to eliminate echo and/or audio feedback is to use headphones instead of speakers.

Maybe Even Try A Headset

Now, I know, headsets don't have the best reputation.

They may not be very cool, but what they lack in coolness they make up for in performance.

The best way to get clear audio is to have a great, well placed, microphone.

Headsets are made to deliver high quality audio directly from the source (microphone with close proximity to your face).

They are designed to work for platforms like Newrow Smart.

Not only do the headphones help prevent unwanted audio, but the microphones are very good at eliminating background noise.

There are many great options available from Microsoft and Logitech among others.

Note: Some phone headsets like iPhone headphones are not typically good options. Most computers do not recognize the microphone as an option and even if they do, the microphone has been known to pick-up incoming audio causing slight feedback.

Make Sure You Have Only Joined Once

This happens.

Maybe you joined the session a little too early and lost track of the window so you opened another window to the same room or you opened up the room in two windows to share an additional webcam or see how things are looking.

Having multiple windows opened to the same room will cause audio feedback.

Many Participants In The Same Physical Room

You might have multiple participants connecting into your Newrow Live session from the same physical room.

We'll dive in with later articles on different setups, so for now consider the following quick tips below:

  • Wear headphones & mute mics - If you have multiple people connected to your live session and they are in the same physical space, then please make sure they are wearing headphones. Otherwise, audio from one person's computer will be picked up by the mic of the other person's computer creating a feedback loop.
  • Mute speakers & mics of all but one - Your participants may want to have webcams pointed at themselves and the whole room. This is great and dynamic. Instead of having audio coming from each computer, simply mute the speakers & microphones for all computers except one. Make sure the microphone you are using is connected to the un-muted computer or you will hear yourself speaking.
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