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Recording Billing Management

Each Newrow Smart plan includes 2hrs of Newrow Cloud Recording. Additional recording hours are available.

Recording Plans

smart plans - Each newrow_ smart plan includes 2hrs of recording per month.

Recording plans - Additional recording hours can be purchased separately in the Extras section of the shopping cart.

  • rec_10 - 10hrs of recording a month
  • rec_30 - 20hrs of recording a month
  • rec_50 - 50hrs of recording a month

Managing Your Recording Hours

You and any instructors you add to your organization are able to initiate recording.

Recording hours can be used in any course.

As the campus owner, you will see a percentage in the upper bar of your account indicating the percentage of recording hours used in the current billing period.

In Billing Overview, you can see a more detailed breakdown of how many hours of recording you have used in the current billing period. 

  1. Click your avatar to display the account menu
  2. Select Billing



You will not be prevented from recording more than your plan provides.

In the event that you have used all of your recording hours, then you can continue to record your live sessions.

You will be billed for overages at the recording hourly rate of your current plan on the next billing period.

  • Any smart plan - 2hrs per plan per month with an overage rate of $3/hour
  • rec_10 - 10 hours per month with an overage rate of $2.40/hour
  • rec_30 - 30 hours per month with an overage rate of $2.13/hour
  • rec_50 - 50 hours per month with an overage rate of $2.00/hour