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Manage Your Billing Account Information

Manage your account plans and billing information.

As a paying user you have access to Billing pages to see an overview of your plans, see a history of your invoices, update your billing address and update your payment method.

Access Your Account Information

  1. Click your avatar in the far right of the upper bar
  2. Select Billing from the menu

Billing option is only accessible to users that have purchased a newrow_ smart plan.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 17.19.00-1


In the Overview page you can see a list of plans that you have purchased and their availability.

Plans are organized by type and subscription type. Availability refers to whether or not the plan has been applied to a room. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 17.43.43


Access Invoices by selecting the option in the left menu.

In the invoices section you see a list of invoices ordered from newest to oldest, top to bottom.

Every purchase you make through the shopping cart as well as every time you are billed through your subscription you will receive a new invoice as a receipt of payment.

Billing Address

The billing address you entered while making your purchase through the shopping cart displays in the Billing Address field. You can update your billing address as needed.

Update Billing Address

Enter your address information in the map search field to automatically populate your billing address form.

  1. Select the Enter your address field.
  2. Enter in your billing address
  3. Select the suggested address from the menu that refers to your address
  4. If relevant, enter in your company name then click Save

You will see a success message when the save is complete.

Update Your Payment Method

  1. Select Payment method in the left menu
  2. Fill in the credit card form:
    1. Name on card - name as it displays on your credit card
    2. Card number
    3. Expiry - date of expiration
    4. CVC (CVV) - the 3 or 4 digit code that displays on the back of your card
  3. Click Save

Payments are collected by our payment gateway service provider Stripe.

During checkout, you will be asked to provide your payment method, your billing information and other contact information.

The billing information (such as credit card details) you enter through Stripe is not stored on our servers.

Please refer to Newrow Privacy Policy for more information.