Newrow Knowledge Base

Delete Whiteboard & Annotative Drawn Marks

Delete marks drawn on your digital whiteboard or shared files.

There are a few options to delete objects drawn on your digital whiteboard or shared files.

Select Then Delete Specific Marks

You can select specific marks and delete them.

1. Choose the Select tool


2. Click the mark you want to delete. It will show with a dashed box around it.


3. Hit the Delete key on your keyboard

Clear All Drawings on Displayed Slide or Board

You can easily clear or reset the displayed slide or board.

  1. Click Clear All shown as a garbage can icon
  2. Click Ok to in the Confirm Delete pop-up

Erase Drawn Marks

The eraser is like a whiteboard eraser. You can click and drag to erase marks.

  1. Click the Eraser icon
  2. Click & drag the eraser over whiteboard marks you want to erase