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Manage All Files Within Your Campus

Campus files enable you to access and manage all files uploaded in your courses without having to enter each course individually.

Access And Navigate Campus Files

Campus Files are accessible to Admins and Instructors.

After signing into your Newrow Smart account, select Files in the upper bar.

The root folder of Campus Files contains folders corresponding to each room you created.

You cannot edit these folders.

Click the name of the folder to open it.

As you enter various folders, a file path display above the list of files & folder. Click the name of a folder to return to previous folders.

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 12.53.18

Add Folders

You can add folders within a root course folder to better organize your files.

  1. Click the Add Folder button
  2. Enter a folder name in the add folder pop-up
  3. Click Save to create the folder
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Add Files

You can upload files by clicking the Add Files button or by simply dragging & dropping a file from your desktop to the folder.

  1. Click the Add Files button to launch your operating system file browser
  2. Select the file/s you want to upload
  3. Click the file browser confirmation button (Ok/Open/etc...)

The files are uploaded directly to the current folder you are in.

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 12.52.08

Drag-and-Drop To Upload

Drag-and-drop files directly from your desktop to upload files. 

  1. Click and drag file from your desktop
  2. Drop the file in the dashed line box to upload it to the current folder

Tip: To upload a file to a specific folder, drag the file to the folder. When the folder is highlighted in blue drop the file. You are redirected to the folder and the file is uploaded there.

Preview Uploaded Files

To preview uploaded files, click the name of the file.

Search For Files & Folders

Search can be local to the currently open folder or global to search all of your files & folders.

By default search is local  to the current folder.

Local Search

  1. Click the Search field
  2. Enter in the name of the file or folder you are looking for
  3. Select the result

Selecting the result, jumps you to the file with the file selected.

Campus Wide File Search

  1. Click the Search field
  2. Select the checkbox next to Global search
  3. Enter in the name of the file or folder
  4. Select the result

If the file is in another folder, then you are taken to that folder. The grey text underneath each file name shows the location of the file.

Rename Files & Folders

  1. Select file by clicking anywhere except the name
  2. Click the Edit button (pencil) that displays near the search field
  3. Enter in the new file name
  4. Click Save

Download Files

  1. Select file by clicking anywhere except the name
  2. Click the Download button

Delete Files & Folders

  1. Select file by clicking anywhere except the name
  2. Click the Delete button (garbage can)
  3. Click Delete in the delete confirmation pop-up