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Customize Your Campus With Your Branding

Customize your Newrow Smart campus to comply with your company branding.

Branding is a premium feature available with all paid plans.

What Gets Branded?

With branding, you set your company colors and logo and Newrow does the rest by automatically customizing your virtual campus with your branding!

  • Course Directory - Your registered students, instructors and admins will see your customized branded portal when signing into your virtual campus.
  • Virtual Classroom - As your virtual classroom initializes, your users see your logo front and center. Within the virtual classroom, your logo is displayed prominently in the upper bar of the room.
  • Notes - Your students can download automatically branded PDF versions of your notes.
  • Emails - As you add users to your campus, they receive branded emails inviting them to finish creating their account. Example below

See How Easy Branding Is

Update Your Company Branding

  1. Click the drop down arrow to the right of your avatar in the course directory
  2. Select Branding
  3. Update your company name, logo and branding colors
  4. Click the Save button

Branding Key

Company name - Your company name displays in the upper bar for you and any users added to your campus.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 18.35.15

Logo - The suggested size for your company logo is 106x60 pixels. This is a 16x9 resolution and only a recommendation. Uploaded logos will be scaled to fit within predefined dimensions.

Your logo will be displayed in the: Upper bar of your admin pages, course directory, on-demand courses, virtual classroom, emails, and notes.

Upper bar color - refers to the primacy branding color of your organization. It is used everywhere from your course directory to your customized emails.

Upper bar text color - refers to the color of the text as it displays on the upper bar.