Newrow Knowledge Base

Add Users To Your Campus

Adding users to your campus, enables them to access courses they are registered for directly from their course directory.

Access Campus User Management

Select Users in the upper bar of your account when viewing the Course Directory.

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Invite Users To Your Campus

  1. Within Users select the + button
  2. Fill in the Invite User pop-up
    1. Full name - enter in the first & last name of the user you want to add
    2. Email - enter in their email address
    3. Role - by default each user is set as a student. To set them as instructor or an admin, click the drop down menu and select Instructor or Admin.
    4. Courses - if you have already created your courses, then select the courses from the list that the user belongs in. You do not need to do this for Admins.
  3. Click Invite (email is sent to the user)

If the user you have invited has already created a Newrow Smart account then their name and avatar will automatically update and their status will display as Registered.

The status Pending refers to users that have not yet created their Newrow Smart account.

User Roles Explained

Set the role of each user in your campus. Roles define what users can do within your campus.

  • Student - Students are only able to access the courses they are added to when those courses are active. Students cannot access courses that are not active (do not have plan).
  • Instructor - Instructors are able to access the courses they are added to whether they are active or not. They can also access the course folders in campus files for the courses they are instructors of. Instructors can create and organize the on-demand course corresponding to each course as well as moderate the virtual classroom.
  • Admin - Admins can perform the same functions as the account owner. They can create courses, configure course (change name, license, etc), manage users and access campus files. Admins can access any course in the campus regardless if they are added to the course roster. Admins can also manage the company newrow_ billing by purchasing additional plans.