Newrow Knowledge Base

Webcam or Microphone Unavailable: Devices Are Busy

When activating your devices in a Newrow_ Smart room, you might see a Webcam Unavailable popup.

The Webcam Unavailable pop-up displays if your devices are unavailable due to:

  1. Your browser is blocking access to your webcam and/or microphone
  2. Another app is currently using your webcam and/or microphone
  3. Your operating system is blocking access to your webcam and/or microphone
  4. An installed security suite is blocking access to your devices

Devices Are Busy

If you are using another application that is accessing your webcam/mic (or recently accessed your camera and mic) such as Skype or similar website/applications, then please quit those applications and refresh your Newrow room.

Sometimes your webcam and microphone drivers get stuck in the background. You may need to restart your computer.