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Bluetooth Headphones Not Connected, No Sound

You may not be hearing sound in your Newrow room due to your bluetooth headphones not being activated.

If you are not able to hear other participants or any sound whatsoever in your Newrow room, your Bluetooth Headphones might be the issue. Here are a few steps to take to ensure you can hear using your bluetooth headphones.

1. Make sure your headphones are fully charged and powered.

2. Make sure your headphones have been initiated by your computer.

  • Go to Bluetooth settings in your system settings to make sure your headphones are connected.
  • Go to Bluetooth settings in the top menu bar to make sure your headphones are connected.
Bluetooth Connect

Bluetooth Connect 2

3. Go to Newrow settings and ensure your headphones are activated.

  • Click the Settings gear in the top right of the virtual classroom
  • Select the drop down menus corresponding to Select Microphone, and Select Audio Output then choose the device you want to use
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